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Sterling Silver Lobster Claw 7mm Oval Clasp Closer Clasp Necklace Bracelet

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Thank you for looking this item is made from solid sterling silver.

This Sterling Silver lobster claw clasp is oval in shape.

Lobster claw clasps are highly popular jewellery findings that are regularly used in jewellery making to fasten chains, necklets, pendants and bracelets.

This Sterling Silver lobster claw clasp measures approximately 7mm in length, and features a flat loop at one end for attaching to a chain or jump ring.

The claw shaped clasp is opened and closed with the aid of a sprung 'trigger' component.

These simple but sturdy jewellery clasps are ideal for a subtle look which does not detract from your pendant or necklace designs.

Measures 7mm long.

Ideal replacement for a broken clasp on a necklace or bracelet.

Much stronger and safer than a bolt ring.

Made in the UK.